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What is Stucco?

Here in the Coastal or Tidewater Region of North Carolina, many homes and businesses are made of a building material called Stucco. You may have also heard of similar products like Dryvit and EFIS. Even if you didn’t know what Stucco was called, chances are you’ve seen it. It’s a really nice material that adds a really nice look to any home or business. Stucco is a cement based siding that adds a textured finish to a wall.

stucco house washing wilmington nc
Stucco House Washing Wilmington NC

Like any siding on a home, it’s extremely important to properly maintain the surface with regular cleaning. Tidewater Pro Wash has washed dozens of stucco homes and businesses over the years and we are your trusted partner for Stucco cleaning in Wilmington, NC, and surrounding areas.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Stucco Home or Business

Stucco is a really beautiful substrate to use as siding on a home or business, but it can be expensive to have it installed and to have it repaired. In fact, according to the website Manta, homeowners in New Hanover County can expect close to or over $1000.00 for siding repair. (Data can be seen here) One of the factors that can contribute to the need of these costly stucco repairs is when organic growths, such as algae, mildew, mold and more, are allowed to go untreated and grow on the stucco surfaces. These organic growths will actually eat into the paint and the surface itself.

It’s important to regularly maintain your stucco home or business because because if stains are allowed to set in, then often time they eat away at the very top layer of the surface which, even when clean, can cause permanent discoloration; or worse, a premature degradation of the surface.

Tidewater Pro Wash is the Stucco Cleaning Expert!

You have enough to do with your family or business so we want to serve you by providing a safe, affordable and effective solution for Stucco Cleaning in Wilmington, NC, and surrounding areas. Stucco can be easily damaged with high pressure, so we use a softwash method to safely perform a detergent-based, deep clean on your stucco home or business. This guarantees no damage from high pressure and also keeps the surface cleaner, longer.

This is commercial property we recently cleaned that had Stucco siding. The business owner hadn’t had the building cleaned ever and he had been in the building for ten years! He had received some negative feedback from a client who had complained about the unsanitary appearance of the building. The business called Tidewater Pro Wash and we were able to restore his stucco building back to it’s original beauty! Just check out some of these before and after photos of the Stucco cleaning in Wilmington NC, that we completed:

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