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Nothing can put you in the Christmas spirit faster than Christmas Lights on your home. Christmas lighting provides such a warm and cheery sight for you, your family, and your community. Tidewater Pro Wash provides complete, all-inclusive holiday and Christmas lights installation services right here in Wilmington, NC, and surrounding areas. 

We’ll work with you to provide a custom design perfectly suited for your home or business. We provide all the custom-cut Christmas lights installation and decorations. We also provide the equipment and labor. We’ll do all the work! We’ll install, maintain, take down, and store your Christmas lights, and you get to stay in your jammies, sip hot cocoa, and watch It’s A Wonderful Life!

See?  It’s a stress-free Christmas miracle!!

Our Wilmington Christmas Lighting Services

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We’ll work with you on a custom lighting design for your home. Then, we’ll bring your vision to life! We’ll custom cut all the wires (no unsightly, dangling wires!) so the lights will fit like a glove! Then, we’ll safely install the lights on your home or business. Stay off the ladder this Holiday season and let us do all the work!

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One of the great things about our Christmas Light Installation Wilmington, NC, service is the maintenance. All the lights, materials, and installation we provide are guaranteed! If a bulb goes out or an animal chews through a wire, just give us a call – we’ll come out as quickly as possible and make whatever repairs are needed – no questions asked and no additional cost!

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In January, we’ll return to your home to take down, organize and label, and store all Christmas lights in our shop. They’ll be perfectly organized, stored, and ready for the next season. We will inspect the lights and handle any replacements or repairs to ensure everything is ready for the next Holiday season. We’re like magical elves that come and clean it all up – and you don’t have to lift a finger!

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1. Design

The first step in our Christmas lights installation process is understanding your unique vision for the holiday season.  We’ll work together to finalize the design, ensuring it meets your expectations while fitting your budget.

2. Installation

With the design finalized, our expert installation team takes the reins to bring your Christmas dreams to life. From installing lights on rooftops and wrapping trees to outlining windows and doors with a delicate glow, we ensure that every detail is meticulously installed. Our goal is to create a beautiful, custom display that sets your home apart with the festive spirit of the season.

3. Maintenance

Tidewater Pro Wash provides regular maintenance services to ensure your Christmas lights stay in perfect condition throughout the festive period. If a bulb goes out; we’ll replace it. If a critter chews through a wire; we’ll replace it. We want your experience to create a joyful noise; not a frustrated one.

4. Take Down and Storage

As the holiday season draws to a close, our team will schedule a time with you that is good for you and your family and we will handle the take-down process efficiently and carefully, ensuring the Christmas lights are stored safely and ready for the next holiday season.

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Hiring a professional for Christmas light installation in Wilmington, NC, really is the best way to go. Christmas light installation can be dangerous because you have to work with electricity, climb a high ladder, and, if needed, walk on the roof to reach parts of your home to install the lights. 

When you hire Tidewater Pro Wash for your Christmas light installation, you get the joy of seeing your lights designed, magically installed, and operating correctly without any of the hassle or risks of doing it yourself. We are fully insured, and our work is guaranteed! So you can kick back, rest easy and enjoy being the talk of the neighborhood! 

Your Christmas Lights will look professional and work seamlessly once the job is complete (we even put the lights on a timer, so you literally never have to do anything!). Our team is amazing at providing you with breathtaking Christmas lights installed the right way.

Need more reasons why professional our Christmas Lights Installation service may be the way to go?  Then check out blog post called, 5 Reasons to Get Professional Christmas Lights Installation.

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Frequently Asked Wilmington Christmas Lighting Questions

No. To avoid quality or safety concerns, we will not install lights a homeowner already owns. With our Christmas Lighting and Christmas Lights installation service, we will provide you with quality, commercial-grade LED lights that are designed to operate safely and efficiently for years.

Yes! We offer our Christmas lights installation in Wilmington, NC, and surrounding areas as a full-service, all-inclusive package. So this includes design, installation, maintenance, take down, and storage. The warranty comes into play for the maintenance and storage aspects. During the season, if any bulb goes out or a squirrel chews through a wire – basically an equipment failure; simply let us know, and we’ll come out and repair it for free! Also, we will maintain them during storage and ensure that the lights are fully operational and looking bright and festive when we install them the next season!

You don’t have to lift a finger or worry about a thing.

Yes! Great question! We offer a couple of discounts. We offer a 10% early bird discount for any installations before November 1st. In addition, we offer yearly discounts to all of our return clients. Those yearly discounts increase each year, so the longer you use the lights, the more you save!

Yes, we do. We can light up your home for any holiday celebration: from Christmas, Kwanzaa, Diwali, Ramadan, and Hanukkah… even Halloween! We can do lighting to enhance any celebration your family takes part in.

In addition, we also offer landscape lighting and permanent lighting as well. Having your trees or home lit up throughout the year is a great way to enjoy your property year-round. Also, a well-lit home helps keep your property safe as well. We’d love to work with you on any lighting dream design you may have.


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