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Is your house looking a little dirty these days? Do you notice green algae or mildew on your siding or mildew and lichen on your brick steps or foundation? Have you been searching the internet for results like House Washing Near Me or Best Pressure Washing Company, Leland NC?

Well…. your search is over!

We know that it can be overwhelming trying to find a great partner when it comes to doing work on your home. Finding a company that will answer the phone, give you a written quote, then show up and do what you agreed on is actually more difficult than you might think.

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Tidewater Pro Wash is Your Professional House Wash Solution

That’s where we come in. We want to partner with you and be the kind of company that you can hire, then sit back and relax while we do all the dirty work and trust that we will do the job safely and effectively for a fair price.

We’ve been washing houses and business for over 10 years and have the right experience, equipment, detergents and training to ensure that we are able to help you properly and safely maintain your property for years to come.

Watch This Video of a House Wash in Leland

In this video, you can see a timelapse of how we perform our soft wash, house washing service. We serve Leland, Wilmington, Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach, and all the surrounding areas, including Hampstead. You’ll see as we apply our house washing detergents with our softwash system, then let the detergents dwell and then you’ll see the mildew and algae magically melt away. Then, we finish with a low pressure, high volume rinse on the siding to make sure all the organics have been fully rinsed and your home is ready to shine!

There are so many reasons why it’s important to regularly maintain your home. Click here for a quick read from Angi that describes just a few of the benefits of having your house pressure washed.

Our low pressure, softwash service will wash your home in a safe and effective manner. Rather than use potentially damaging high pressure, we will do a detergent based, deep clean on your surfaces and completely eradicate and remove the organic growths such as mildew and algae (and maybe even mold) from your property.

Using a pressure washer can damage the siding on your home. Also, think of the mildew and algae like a weed on your lawn; just chopping off the top doesn’t take care of the weed – it just gives it a haircut! Similar principle with the organic growths on your home’s siding. If you just pressure wash the top layer off the grime on your home, you’re not really solving your problem; you’re merely delaying it. In order to really do an effective cleaning on your home, it’s important to actually eradicate the organic growths with the appropriate detergents.

This softwash method of cleaning will actually solve the problem and keep your home’s siding looking cleaner, for a longer period of time. In addition, our cleaning detergents are specially formulated for house washing and will not harm any surrounding vegetation. So any flowers or bushes or other landscaping you may have surrounding the home will not be harmed, during our cleaning process.

How Can Tidewater Pro Wash Serve Your Family?

We would love to serve you with any pressure washing project you may have. Hopefully this video shed some light on how easy, safe and effective our softwash cleaning process is for your property. If you have any further questions or would like to schedule a free, no obligation quote, then please give us a call or request a quote, right here on our page!

Or, if you’d like to learn more about our softwash, house washing service, then visit us here: http://tidewaterprowash.com/house-washing/

We look forward to serving you at the highest level with our house washing service.

Tidewater Pro Wash

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